Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

All Media Files Windows and Mac Hard and Software Compatible!

With experiences from my previous source
blog, I start this blog with a high standard of media blogging.
All files are tagged and ready for Mac as well as Windows systems.
This includes the graphic Mac "cover flow" function.
Feedbacks welcome!

Nach Erfahrige mit meym eltere source
blog han ich aagfange, en hechere Media-Blogging standart hie ii z'stige.
Alli Inhalt sind mit Meta-Infos für Mac und PC System erhältlich.
Mit iibegriffe isch zum Beyspiel s' "cover-flow" Funktion fir Mac.
Rickmäldige sind willkomme!


  1. What is the password for the Buzz Bennet LP? I downloaded it but can't extract!!! Danke schön!

  2. r0ph413N as on all, will add more stuff soon, I began collect swiss pressings of jazz and similar on shellac 78 RPM and have tons of swiss folklore to be added